Citadel and myCitadal

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Citadel Commerce supports US dollars as one of its many currency options and requires a US checking account to register, but US players cannot use their Citadel account to deposit funds to an online casino. For casino players in the rest of the world, Citadel Commerce is one of the safest payment choices available Using the latest encryption technology, Citadel takes extra measures to ensure the security and privacy of its customers.

Citadel offers several different payment processing solutions. Two of the most popular are Citadel Commerce and myCitadel. Many individuals don't realize the 2 are separate products, but not every casino accepts both options. Citadel Commerce is solely an electronic check processing system, but myCitadel also offers the ability to fund purchases using a credit or debit card. Be sure to check that the online poker. you are visiting accepts the type of Citadel payment you will be using.

Both Citadel Commerce and myCitadel can be used to make instant purchases at authorized casinos. Many gambling payment options require a waiting period of up to 7 days, but Citadel users can start placing bets with their deposit within minutes of submitting the payment. This accessibility and quickness are one of the primary reasons players choose Citadel. Along with the enhanced security and seamless usability, Citadel is a sensible choice for anyone who enjoys online gambling and casino bonus codes. The casinos below support Citadel Commerce or myCitadel for online payments and deposits.